Cedemo Video Game Barcode Scanner Helps You Make Informed Purchases (iOS)

Here’s a great app coming out of Cedemo in Europe. It’s a video game barcode scanner that allows you to find out tons of information about a game before you buy it. By scanning the barcode on the back of the box, users can view a vast array of information about a specific game such as reviews, screenshots, ESRB ratings, etc.

Cedemo will launch here in the US on November 2nd for free in the App Store. There will even be a contest to kick off the launch of the app soon. Details inside.

Press Release

Cedemo, the leading European marketing platform for video games, announced the launch of its free Video Game Barcode Scanner app for iPhone in France. Coming soon to the US and UK markets, the free app allows consumers to make informed purchasing decisions by delivering video game details and media on-the-go, with a simple barcode scan or through the integrated Search feature. The app is compatible with all iPhones running iOS 4.0+ and an Android version is expected to launch by the end of the year.

Designed to help game shoppers make smart purchasing decisions, the Cedemo Video Game Barcode Scanner App is a fast and easy way to learn more about any video game while shopping or at home. Using either the barcode scan or search feature, shoppers may retrieve information and media for over 20,000 games across all major platforms dating back to 1999, including descriptions, videos, trailers, screenshots, exclusive content, ESRB/PEGI/BBFC ratings and feature lists. Other useful features include a Top 10 list of the latest videos for the hottest games, an “Oldies” list highlighting some of the best classics, random videos accessed with a “shake” of your iPhone, and the ability to share game media with Facebook friends.

Cedemo also announced the details of a contest set to kick off with the application’s launch in the US and UK on November 2, 2010. One grand prize winner will be randomly chosen to receive an iPod Nano and ten additional contestants will win a video game of their choice. To enter, just download the app, “Like” the official Cedemo Facebook page, scan a game and share the video with your Facebook friends, all by following the on-screen instructions. Users may submit additional entries for each game video they scan and “share” with Facebook friends. All information about the contest will become available at launch for the US and UK App Store.

“We’ve proven to be an effective marketing platform for publishers to reach mainstream shoppers and hardcore gamers alike in Europe,” states Melody Meyblum, VP Marketing, Cedemo SAM. “The free app will further enhance our platform offering by enabling consumers to retrieve marketing collateral in-store, online and now anywhere with mobile connectivity via iPhone. We’re pleased to offer this for free to consumers and as a valuable addition to the video game publisher’s marketing arsenal.”

For more information about the Cedemo Video Game Barcode Scanner, please visit: http://mobile.cedemo.com/

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