Preview: mScribble – Make Music With Your Fingers (iOS)

Panpipes Ho! today announced the availability of its new music composition app, mScribble. mScribble is targeted towards young children with the hopes of stimulating creativity within them and aid in their development through creative and complex musical composition. mScribble allows young users to create music with just the touch of their fingers as they scribble on the screen.

The concepts and algorithms used to develop mScribble were originally created for extremely complex design problems in the Aerospace industry. Utilizing this unique technology, mScribble enables users to concentrate on creating melodies, rather than the technicalities behind musical articulation. By capturing and managing the effects of dynamics, timbre, and texture of a musical composition, mScribble provides a quintessential foundation for users to create unique masterpieces.

Perfect for children, parents, music teachers, and music lovers alike, mScribble includes ten different music styles and allows users to choose from four “sound colors” which alter the underlying tone. By tapping and scribbling on the screen, the user controls the pitch and volume of their melodies while mScribble’s intelligent music technology assures that each masterful creation is always in perfect key!

I love apps like this for small children because of how open-ended it is. Apps like this change each time a child uses it so its more likely to keep their attention, longer. Hopefully we get a chance to try this app out ourselves and let you know how it is. In the mean time, check out some of the screenshots from mScribble.

mScribble is available now in the App Store for 99 cents.


Play music like the genius you know you are! Take your fingertip for a ride on a roller coaster of notes. Featured as “New and Noteworthy” and “Staff Favorites” in the App Store in February 2010.

2009 “Best App Ever” Finalist in two categories: “Best Musical Synthesizer App” and “Best App for Primary School Kids!”

With mScribble®, you can improvise beautiful melodies over a bass line by scribbling on the screen. You’ll never need to know a thing about scales or chords. Just express your music with the tip of your finger.

[via App Store]

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