Learn Your ABCs the Star Wars Way

I love Star Wars and what better way is there to share my love of Star Wars than to pass that on to my children? Right now at ThinkGeek, you can purchase Star Wars ABC – I board book that teaches the alphabet through use of popular Star Wars examples.

A is for Anakin…

When learning the alphabet, a wee geek normally turns to board books. If they’re lucky, they might have a poofy bath book, perfect for perusing while surrounded by sweet smelling bubbles… and making not-so-sweet smelling bubbles. (Was that just a fart joke? On ThinkGeek? There goes the neighborhood!) The typical alphabet book is typical. A is for Apple, B is for Boy, C is for Cat. This is all fine and good if you’re raising the kind of kid who will end up getting a degree from one of those fly-by-night internet colleges, but we’re gonna bet you want better for your geekling. That’s why you need the Star Wars ABC book. We’ll be exploring the galaxy by the time they’re old enough to head to college, so you can prepare them now for the things they’ll encounter there. A is for Anakin, E is for Ewok, L is for Luke the legendary Jedi. Each big capital letter mimics the image it accompanies, so don’t be surprised that the E looks furry. Brief sentences use alliteration to connect the letter to the subject, making this a great read-aloud book for younger geeklings and an independent read for older Star Wars fans.

[via ThinkGeek]

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