Piano Pals Available Now in the App Store

Piano Pals by BigStack Studios really caught my eye today. I’ve been trying to find a good piano app that my son could try out that wasn’t just a straight up piano. Piano Pals seems to fit the bill especially for his age group. Piano Pals promises to teach young children the joys of music. Pure and simple. By utilizing fun actives and visual stimulus, Piano Pals keeps children interested in music while also educating them in the process.

Piano Pals is available in the App Store now for 99 cents. Look for our full review of this app some time this week.

Press Release

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA – October 18, 2010

On Monday, October 18, 2010, Big Stack Studios, Ph03nix New Media company, releases their first educational app for iPod, iPhone, and iPad. The ”Piano Pals” app fuses colorful animated characters and music with learning and skill-building drills that will keep any child engaged for hours. This is the app that allows you to spend some quality (learning) time with your child!

Piano Pals was developed by parents, for parents. Much too often we download apps that keep ‘us’ occupied for multiple hours per day, yet we never include any educational apps that could assist in mixing quality time with our kids, along with learning and play time. Piano Pals does just that! With multiple modes to choose from, this app can help improve your child’s motor skills while engaging him/her in fun learning activities. There are many modes to choose from…

Animal Mode: In animal mode, pressing the keys on the keyboard causes an animal in the scene to animate and make noise. Young children begin to associate a colored key with a certain animal. The names of the animals appear on the keyboard to help older children learn word association as well. Music Mode: Music mode simply turns the keyboard into a multi-touch Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do piano.

Color Mode: In color mode, pressing the keys on the keyboard causes the correlating color to wipe across the screen as a pleasant female voice speaks the color.

Number Mode: In number mode, each of the keys on the keyboard have a number of dots on them. When your child presses the key with five dots on it, the number 5 wipes across the screen as a pleasant female voice speaks the number.

Piano Pals initially comes with the ‘Farm Theme’ which includes a Horse, Cat, Duck, Rooster, Sheep, Pig, Cow and Dog. For an expanded experience with many more animals, users can purchase additional theme packs including The Safari, The Forest, The Arctic and The Jungle.

Piano Pals is educational and fun. Enjoy!

Download it on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/piano-pals/id395388472?mt=8

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