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New Star Trek X MIMOBOT Collection

New Star Trek X MIMOBOT Collection

This should really please Star Trek fans everywhere as now, Mimoco has announced their new Star Trek X MIMOBOT collection to the galaxy. You’ll be able to pick up four of the most popular characters in Star Trek history, Captain Kirk, Spock, Captain Picard, and Data. As a bonus, each Star Trek X MIMOBOT will … Continue reading

Series 7 Star Wars MIMOBOTs Now Available

Mimoco announced that they’ve finally released series 7 of their Star Wars line of MIMOBOTs and they are available for purchase now on their site. Series 7 features new characters in the form of Boba Fett, Leia in bounty hunter guise, Lando, Bossk, and Han Solo with matching carbonite carrying case. You can check these … Continue reading


I didn’t think MIMOBOTs could get any better, especially the with recent release of the DC Comics licensed characters such as Batman and the Green Lantern, but they did. Mimoco will be releasing new TransFormers based MIMOBOTs based on the popular Generation One designs. The first in the lineup that will be shows at the … Continue reading

New Green Lantern MIMOBOTs Now Available

Mimoco today released 4 new MIMOBOTs based on DC Comics’ Green Lantern franchise. There are four characters you can choose from and each come preloaded with exclusive Green Lantern content. They are available now at the Mimoco online shop here.