Mimoco Celebrating Star Wars Day With Limited Edition Hooded Darth Maul MIMOBOT!

Looks like your favorite themed USB drive makers are at it again releasing a limited edition Hooded Darth Maul MIMOBOT in celebration of Star Wars day! Only 504 of these will be available which makes this a very rare purchase.

Honor this holiest of holy days by getting this new MIMOBOT® version of Darth Sidious’ deadly Sith apprentice from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Featuring the characteristic hooded cape, deadly double-bladed light saber, and fierce yellow grimace, and available with up to 64GB of memory capacity, Darth Maul MIMOBOT® let’s you channel your emotions, (even the dark ones), as you store and transport all your digital music, pics, documents, & more!
With exclusive preloaded digital extras that include Star Wars-themed icons, avatars, screensavers, wallpapers, and the mimoByte™ Sound Software that plays authentic Star Wars audio clips when your MIMOBOT® is plugged into a computer, your limited edition Darth Maul MIMOBOT® will make this May the 4th the best Star Wars Day ever!


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