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Star Wars Official Stormtrooper Wallet

Star Wars Official Stormtrooper Wallet

There’s been a lot of talk lately about mobile payments and being able to carry ID digitally and what not, but for the average Joe, we still carry wallets filled to the brim with our ID’s, credit cards, and cash. I personally still carry a wallet and don’t really trust keeping my entire life on … Continue reading

Star Wars Themed Headphones from Coloud

This is for the geek out there who isn’t afraid to show their love for Star Wars. Headphone makers Coloud has licensed Star Wars headphones for sale right now $39.99-$49.99 depending on design. My favorite is the R2-D2 set with the Stormtrooper one coming in a very close second. Those two also happen to be … Continue reading

8″ Star Wars LEGO Minifig Alarm Clock

ThinkGeek has these 8″ Star Wars LEGO Minifig alarm clocks and you know? I want one! You can get either the Stormtrooper or Darth Vader for $29.99. Feel free to send me one too while you’re at it. Product Specifications For Ages 6 and Up LEGO Minifig alarm clocks shaped like Star Wars characters Big … Continue reading

Star Wars Cell Phone Alert Charms

I found these bad boys over at ThinkGeek. They are Star Wars licensed cellphone alert charms, you know, for phones that still have the little hook for you attach these too – sorry iPhone owners. You can hang these in other places though as long as it is close to your cell phone to pick … Continue reading