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Super Mario Run Review | iOS

Super Mario Run Review | iOS

One of the most anticipated games for iOS is finally out and it’s the first game on mobile that features one of the most beloved characters in gaming history. Nintendo’s Super Mario Run hit iOS yesterday and it already seems to be a hit. The game plays very much like traditional Super Mario but simplified … Continue reading

Super Mario + Portal Gun = Wow

This has been out since the middle of last month, but for those who haven’t seen it yet, it’s a mind blowing Portal mashup. Portal is one of the more creative and challenging console games I’ve played and by adding portals to the classic Super Mario game, it completely changes everything you know about Super … Continue reading

Super Mario Made Out of Tetris Blocks

I never would even think of doing something like this nor do I think I would attempt to try it. This guy basically created Mario with nothing more than Tetris blocks. It took him over 98 minutes to complete it and he still wasn’t able to finish the hat. It’s pretty amazing considering that he … Continue reading