Introducing Pigcorner and Mario Sackboy Tutorial

Since this is my first ever post for The Gamer With Kids, I suppose an introduction is in order. I’m a Filipino girl with three favorite hobbies to pass time: reading, playing video games and watching movies. As this is a gaming website, I’ll focus on video games and consider the other two inconsequential. My gaming “history”, so to speak, is not very rich. I only started a year or two ago, but that does not deter me from playing the classics (well classics of my generation). Although I can play Halo 3 and Bioshock for hours on end, my first love remains in RPGs. Namely Final Fantasy X and XII, two of the finest games for the PS2, but then again, that console had so many (GTA, Tony Hawk, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus….. the list goes on). In my spare time, I took up doll making. It started with a simple Totoro (the lovable forest spirit in My Neighbor Totoro). After creating all three from the movie, I kinda wanted to branch out. The result: a merger of video games and yarn dolls. I have made Sackboy interpretations of Ezio (Assassin’s Creed), Kratos (God of War) and even Mario…… oh yes Mario (such an unholy union between Sony and Nintendo). Video tutorials on how to make the dolls can be found on my YouTube channel (Goldenjellybean) and the patterns on With these two sources, I hope to teach others how to crochet these dolls and maybe even inspire them to come up with creations themselves.

This week is the Mario Sackboy tutorial. He comes fully equipped with the blue suspenders and famous letter ‘M’ cap.

Editor’s Note: I am very happy and blessed to have Nikki’s famous Sackboy puppet tutorials on the site. If you’ve seen some of her work before on her blog or Youtube page, then you know how awesome her work is. Since I’m assuming most of our readers have children, this could be a wonderful project to do with them and a great bonding experience as you both learn to make your very own sack puppets. I hope you enjoy this new addition to The Gamer With Kids as we’ll have more from her in the future.

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