5 Years of the Munny! It's Munny Munth at KidRobot.

The Munny celebrates its 5 years and KidRobot has a great deal going on for them right now. If you buy one 7 inch Munny, you can get another one for free! Regular price for one is $24.95 so with this offer, you will now get two for the price of one. As an added bonus, KidRobot is also sponsoring a Munny customization contest.

Prizes include the following:

  • A spot in Dunny series 2011 !?!?
  • A MUNNY Brigade
  • Mega MUNNYs
  • Full sets of MUNNYWORLD
  • Packs of MUNNY merchandise
  • MUNNY bling
  • Gift Cards for Kidrobot
  • TONS of random prizes throughout MUNNY MUNTH…

Categories in which the Munnys will be judged on are as follows:

  • Best Individual Design
  • Best Group Design (3+)
  • Best Parent/Child Duo
  • Best Use of Human Hair
  • Best Use of Food
  • Best Use of Office Supplies
  • Best Use of MUNNY Accessories
  • Best Minimal Design
  • Best Dressed
  • Best Celebrity Look-a-Like(s)
  • Best Movie/ Event Reenactment
  • Best Tag-Teamwork
  • And Many More!

For more information concerning the contest, head on to the official contest site here: http://sites.kidrobot.com/munnymunth/contest_details.php?utm_source=bm060110&utm_medium=email&utm_content=main_list&utm_campaign=MUNNY-MUNTH.

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