Google Hearts Pac-Man

If you check out Google’s latest header image on their homepage, you’ll see that its a homage to Pac-Man. What you might not notice at first though is that you can actually play it! Yes, if you wait a few seconds you can control Pac-Man with your keyboard arrows! How awesome is that?

“We are very excited about the Google [logo] project,” Namco CEO Kenji Hisatsune told CNET by e-mail. “This being the first time Google has ever included sound or made a [logo] playable demonstrates just how big of an impact Pac-Man has made.”

Google of course did this because tomorrow, May 22nd is Pac-Man’s 30th birthday. 30 Years ago, Namco introduced the world to Pac-Man and ever since then, Pac-Man has been a video game icon and is probably the most influential game of all time.

CNET has a great article up right now detailing Pac-Man’s 30 year history and its worth a good read. You can check out the article here:

[Source CNET]

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