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Google X-Ray Doodle

I guess we finally know what Google is made of. Google is celebrating the discovery of the X-Ray which occurred 115 years ago. [via Google]

Google’s Awesome John Lennon Tribute Doodle

Google today has a pretty awesome interactive logo in honor of what would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday. By clicking on the logo, a short animated music video tribute plays on their homepage. The video is set to the song “Imagine.” Very cool. Happy Birthday John Lennon. [via Google]

Facebook Broken Again

Facebook the past 2 days have been having some sort of outage every now and then but today is the first day I’ve seen this message pop up while trying to access Facebook.

Google Hearts Pac-Man

If you check out Google’s latest header image on their homepage, you’ll see that its a homage to Pac-Man. What you might not notice at first though is that you can actually play it! Yes, if you wait a few seconds you can control Pac-Man with your keyboard arrows! How awesome is that? “We are … Continue reading