Gmail’s New “Select All Conversations in Inbox” Feature

Google just made my life much simpler. I’m not sure how new this feature is but I only just noticed it last night while trying to organize my Gmail inbox. You see, I have thousands of emails in one of my Gmail accounts that I never bothered to archive or mark as read. It’s my junk account that I use for stuff like newsletters, signing up for websites, promotions, etc. and I rarely organize it because of how much mail I get in it on a given day.

Last night while selecting all emails on the page to mark as read, I noticed a new option that popped up that you can see in the image above. The new option is to “select all XXX conversations in inbox.” What this does is allow you to select every single email in your inbox regardless of what page it’s on. You used to have to go through each page individually before and it was a pain especially if you had thousands of emails in there. I promptly clicked it and archived everything instantly making my inbox clean and organized. That saved me what used to take me maybe an hour of cleaning. Thanks Google!

Please note however that this only seems to work so far on the main Gmail site. If you have email through Google Apps, the feature is not available there yet which is a bummer but hopefully Google will add that feature soon to Google Apps.

UPDATE – It seems that the option is now available for Google Apps customers too. I just tried it with my account and it now works. Time to organize my emails.

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