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Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge (Video)

Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge (Video)

For all you Pokémon fanatics, you can now capture Pokémon in Google Maps! That’s right, Google Maps. Check out the video above to see what this is all about. Of course most likely, this is just another Google April Fool’s stunt, but it’s a good one. Advertisements

Spotify Web Player Now Available

Spotify Web Player Now Available

If you love Spotify but happen to be at a computer where you can’t install the Spotify app on, rejoice because the new web player is now available, or at least it is for me. If you head on over to, you should see the above screen now being displayed. If you do, that … Continue reading

The Colour Clock

Interesting thing I found the other day, a clock that changes colors every second of the day. Pretty cool huh? Each number displayed on the screen is represented by a different color. I wish my professors used this during exams =P Click on the image to see the clock in action. If you have a … Continue reading

Google’s 2011 Doodle

Google always has a special doodle for holidays and today is no different. With today being the last day of 2010, Google has a special 2011 doodle up to ring in the new year. It’s very creative with the roman numerals MMXL (2011) even though it doesn’t exactly spell out Google. [via Google]

Google X-Ray Doodle

I guess we finally know what Google is made of. Google is celebrating the discovery of the X-Ray which occurred 115 years ago. [via Google]

Google’s Awesome John Lennon Tribute Doodle

Google today has a pretty awesome interactive logo in honor of what would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday. By clicking on the logo, a short animated music video tribute plays on their homepage. The video is set to the song “Imagine.” Very cool. Happy Birthday John Lennon. [via Google]

Facebook Broken Again

Facebook the past 2 days have been having some sort of outage every now and then but today is the first day I’ve seen this message pop up while trying to access Facebook.