Draw and Fold Over – A Social Drawing Game

I’m blessed to have such artistically creative friends. If I didn’t have them, I would have never been introduced to this site. The site is called “Draw and Fold Over” and it’s a site that encourages social drawing. What you do on the site is you start a drawing that consists of 4 parts. You start the first part which is the head. After which you post up a link to the started drawing and have other people complete the rest of it. The creative part here is that these people do not see the parts that have been completed, only the very bottom of it. That means that the next person has to continue the drawing based on only what they see. This makes for some very creative and sometimes hilarious drawings.

I’d like to thank my good friend Brian Christopher for showing me this site as I’m having a bit of fun with it.

[via DrawandFoldOver.com]

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