TGWK’s Review of “The Balls!” v1.0.0 (iOS)

The Balls! by developer Savant Inc. is a casual game where the goal is to keep the balls from falling to the bottom of the screen. You tap the balls to make them bounce a certain amount of times until they burst. You basically have to “bust your balls” to put it lightly.

The game itself is a casual game with many similarities to such games as Fruit Ninja, Paper Ninja, or Veggie Samurai. Those were all slashing games but the underlying gameplay is the same. Instead of slashing, you tap the balls to bounce them. Instead of cutting objects, you are now busting balls. It’s very similar, but different enough where it’s not really a “me too” game. The Balls! has enough differences in it to make it unique in this genre.

As stated above, the main objective of The Balls is to keep the balls bouncing until they burst. You do this by tapping on the balls when they turn blue. (Get it?) Numerous balls appear from either above or below and you must keep them alive by tapping them so they bounce upwards. This keeps them from falling to the bottom of the screen. The game starts off simple enough but you’ll find that the action can get quite hectic when lots of balls show up. Be careful though of grenades as those will quickly end you game.

There are two modes of play, Classic and Balls Mode. In Classic, it’s basically endless unless you accidentally press on a grenade or if you let 3 balls drop. In Balls Mode, you have 90 seconds to see how high you can get your score. There are no lives or grenades to worry about. Both modes are fun to play and should be familiar to anyone who have played other games in this genre.

Graphically, it’s nothing mind blowing but the balls featured look accurate enough which they should since this is a game about balls.

If you’re a fan of Fruit Ninja or any of the other slashing type games, you should like The Balls! as well. It’s a different take on the concept that is unique and refreshing. Nevermind all the obvious  “balls” references, the game is quite solid and pretty fun. The only thing that could really be improved upon is to make the game a little bit more responsive and that would be it.

The Balls! is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is compatible with all iOS devices with OS 3.0 or later.


Sports coach Timmins wants you to juggle as many sports balls as possible to prove your worth.

Bounce different balls (soccer, basketball, bowling, and more!) a number of times until they burst! Be careful not to let them drop, or Timmins will give you a verbal whipping!

The balls are physics enabled and can bounce against each other. They have weight and different densities, as well as sizes. Tap the balls to bounce them up, or flick them in a direction for more precise control. Bounce them as late as possible for a higher score and crits! And watch out, sometimes the coach will lob a grenade at you to make sure you are paying attention!

-2 game modes: Classic and Balls mode (no time limit, score as high as you can!)
-5 different types of balls (and more to come in future updates!)
-Juggle different types of sports balls to get the highest score and please the Coach!
-Flick them up for more control and mastery
-Open Feint Leaderboards (compete with your friends!)
-Open Feint Achievements
-Game Center enabled with Achievements and Leaderboards! Seamless integration with Open Feint!

[via App Store]


  1. This is a pretty fun game. The novelty of the ball jokes wears off eventually, but the game itself is still fun as a casual time waster long after.

    • Thank you for the positive comments:) I’m the developer of “The Balls!”, so I want to thank you for buying my game. I’m still working on more updates and new content, so hang tight!:)

      Also if it doesn’t bother you too much, if you could leave a review and 5 stars on the AppStore, that would be icing on the cake!

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