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TGWK’s Review – Phantom Probes v5.0 (iOS)

Phantom Probes by Entertailion is a puzzle/guessing game where the object of the game is to figure out what the invisible object is on the screen. Instead of just randomly guessing until you figure it out, Phantom Probes utilizes other objects that you use to drop on top of the invisible shapes. When these objects … Continue reading

TGWK’s Review – Bruce v1.02.018 (iOS)

Bruce is a platform game from developer Fervent Interactive. Unlike the more traditional  left to right platform games, Bruce is played from top to bottom. This means that for most of the entire game, you’ll be free falling. Bruce actually has more in common with those endless jumping games than a platform game. In the … Continue reading

TGWK’s Review – Burn the City v1.0 (iOS)

Burn the City is a physics based action game from developer JoshOClock. In it, you play as a giant monster whose sole purpose is to destroy cities. Using the monsters flame breath, you’re able to shoot fireballs at nearby buildings, causing them to burn down in flames. Since this is a physics based game, you’ll … Continue reading

TGWK’s Review – Obento! v1.1 (iOS)

Obento! is a fun, lighthearted app from developers Black Sheep Design and Springs & Struts. The app imitates that of a Japanese Bento box. Everytime you open the app up, you are presented with a brand new Bento box filled with yummy food. Like real Japanese Bento boxes, these are always filled with food that are … Continue reading