TGWK’s Review – Cell Bound v1.0 (iOS)

Cell Bound is a new match and remove puzzle game from developer Hothead Games. You’d be wrong to think that Cell Bound was just another matching game because it’s not. Cell Bound takes a rather unique spin on the color matching genre by literally, giving it a new spin. You are in charge of a sterile cell dish and must keep it from becoming contaminated. Different colored cells start appearing and make their way towards the center of the dish. You have to rotate the dish and match up same color cells. When you make a match of 5 or more, you can remove them.

The control scheme is quite easy to master. You an basically swipe up and down on the left and right side of the screen to spin the dish around. Colored cells appear on any side of the screen and move straight towards the middle. Spin the dish around to position same colored cells with each other and once you have 5 or more connected, press the middle of the dish to have them removed. Basically you just keep going until the whole dish fills up and you lose.

Gameplay is fast and requires a lot of concentration. Cells come from all directions and you must be aware of where they are coming from and where they’ll be landing. It’s a lot to keep track of but I welcome it because it makes for a much more challenging game. There are three different modes of play and each offers a unique style of play. Infinite mode lets you play for as long as you can until the dish fills up with cells, Timer mode gives you 1:30 minutes to get the highest score, and Burst mode is just like Infinite mode except that if a cell touches another cell that is a different color, they turn black and become obstacles instead. Burst mode is by far the hardest and most challenging mode with an added level of difficulty due to the black cells.

Cell Bound is a really nice twist to the classic match and remove style game. It’s a fast paced game and the fact that you have to be aware of cells coming at you from all sides of the screen makes it really challenging and a bit hectic. The twisting of the dish takes a bit getting used to due to the twitchiness of the controls, but you start getting the hang of it after a while. It’s a pretty creative game and one that I recommend to anyone who is a fan of this genre and wants something a bit different.

Cell Bound is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is a universal app and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.


Cell Bound is a simple and addictive puzzle matching game.

Link up 5 or more of the same color to cause the cell-like structures to burst and vanish before they can contaminate the whole play area. Burst more chains at a faster rate to score more points.

Cell Bound has three different game modes to play, plus Game Center support:

★ Infinite Mode: The main mode, colored cells drop towards the center and explode when 5 like colors are connected. All of the cells can be burst using the smart bomb trigger in the center of the dish. More smart bombs can be accrued by racking up points.
★ Timer Mode: Gain as many points as possible in 1:30 minutes. There are no smart bombs, and for every 1,200 points, one more second is added to the timer.
★ Burst Mode: Cells that connect and are not the same color turn black and inert, obstructing the new cells.

[via App Store]

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