TGWK’s Review – PadDraw v1.0 (iPad)

PadDraw is a coloring book app from developer RIAMS Software. In it, children pick 1 of 5 drawing in the pad and can color it in. They can use a wide range of colors to color in the pages as well as options for brush sizes and whether or not to confine the colors within the lines or not. Finished drawings can then be saved to your photo albums and shared with family and friends later.

Coloring in each drawing is simple. You just choose a color and then color in the areas on the drawing with your finger. You can adjust the width of each stroke with a slider and you can choose whether or not the app automatically colors within the lines for you or all over the drawing with no boundaries. This is a standard option now with all coloring apps so it’s good to see it in here.

The drawings within the book have something to do with police officers, although there is one of just a bird and some eggs which I thought was a strange mishmash of subject matter. With only 5 drawing, I’m not too confident in the long term re-playability of this app.  It really doesn’t seem too engaging and am not really sure how long it can hold a child’s attention after coloring each drawing in once and whether or not they would go back and color it in again.

There is one minor issue with PadDraw that confuses me and it’s why the developer saw fit to include the same drawings twice. There are 10 pages in the book, but that is because each drawing is duplicated twice. Not sure why it’s like that unless they were trying to make it seem like their were more drawing than there really are. I will say that the coloring functions are spot on and I like how there is a setting to keep colors within the lines. I just wish there where a lot more actual pages to color in because 5 pages for $0.99 isn’t exactly what I’d call a bargain compared to some other apps I’ve tried out.

PadDraw is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


PadDraw is a drawing app for children.

One can select a drawing from the book and is able to color it.

The colored drawings can be saved as photos with just a tap on the camera symbol.

There are three mods supported.
– Easy, complete areas will be colored with on tap.
– Normal, one can draw inside an area without overdrawing the contours.
– Hard, it is possible to draw everywhere regardless of contours.

If one want to color an outline again, just shake your iPad to reset the colors.

[via App Store]

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