TGWK’s Review – Knowledge Castle: The Train v1.0.1 (iOS)

The Train is an education app from developer Ununbox. It is part of the Knowledge Castle Encyclopedias for Kids. The Train is basically an interactive lesson about trains. You’ll learn about the history of trains as well as being able to play short interactive games based on what you learn. This app is best suited for children, especially those who are in love with trains. Because of it’s single topic, not all kids are going to like this title, but for those will like it, they’ll surely learn a lot from it.

The Train will teach kids about the history of the locomotive from who invented the steam engine to where the first railways were built. Each page in the app is narrated by a very clear, easy to understand voice. Some pages contain short minigames that help break up the educational bits with related games. Most of the games are really easy to play but it’s a nice touch to add some interactivity to the app.

There is a lot of information in The Train. It’s laid out like a story book so doesn’t feel like your average reference book. The illustrations help a lot with really drawing in your attention and they are quite well done.

There was really only one thing that annoyed me a bit on this app was that the app does not support fast app switching. If i accidentally exited the app and tried to switch back into it, I would be taken all the way back to the beginning and have to watch the intro all over again. It’s annoying especially since it is quite easy to close the app accidentally by pressing the home button or even switching out of it when a notification pops up.

Knowledge Castle: The Train is a decent educational app. There is lots of information packed into the app and it’s all very clear and concise. The illustrations are all quite good and the narrator is very clear with his words. The minigames are so-so but I appreciate the fact that they are there to add an interactive element to the app. The games however are relevant to the information given in The Train so on that level, it’s good as it helps reinforce what they’ve learned. I’m not sure however how much use the app would get after the initial one or two times playing it because of the nature of the app, but if your child loves trains, they may like this more than others.

Knowledge Castle: The Train is available now in the App Store for $1.99. It is a universal app and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.


“Knowledge Castle Encyclopedia for Kids”– Learning is so much fun!

‣ Introduction of “the Train” application:

The story of the train starts from the invention of steam engine by James Watt, then tells the application of the steam engine to the train by George Stephenson, and in 1825, the steam-powered train traveled on the world’s first railway in England. From that time on, trains, railways and stations were increasingly popped up all over the world. From the 18 century to now, the train has been improved continuously and has travelled at high speeds crossing countless channels and bridges.

In order to make this interesting for children, the application will tell children the history of the train in story format. More importantly, a lot of creative games are available after each story, the purpose being to let children get involved in the game and experience the interest of learning. The Knowledge Castle Encyclopedia is one of the best audio books for children.

★ A story, a class, a game!

In 1825, George Stephenson drove a steam-powered locomotive on the world’s first railway. You can start from here to build the world’s first railway.

★ The arrow not only leads you to the next page, but also leads you to more fun!

Under the guidance of the arrow, the beautiful interactive pictures come one after another. This audio book will let the kids experience that learning is so fun!

★ Move with the movement of pictures!

Open the furnace and add coal to make the fire burn! Pull the handle of the steam whistle and make the train blow its whistle! Hold the handle and experience the fun of conducting a train! All you need to do is just slide finger across the screen!

‣ Dubbed with native English and Chinese professional speakers.

‣ Orginal designed music matche the settings of every story, this will keep your children involved in the learning; They can enjoy the music or the sound of the train.

‣ You only need to purchase it once to install in all your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad; also will keep you updated when there are more and more interesting series coming.

‣ The iPhone version has rolling subtitles to save space .

‣ Welcome to the world of Knowledge Castle!

The Knowledge Castle is an interactive audio encyclopedia exclusively designed for kids by E-YOUNG UNUNBOX. The Knowledge Castle Encyclopedia provides children with a broad variety of knowledge, easy to read information, interest-oriented content, and most importantly, a lot of interactive games to keep your children involved in the lesson and make learning much more easy and fun. Let kids enjoy the exploration of our mysterious world by embarking on the Knowledge Castle journey of knowledge. All of us here at E-YOUNG UNUNBOX sincerely hope that children of all ages learn and have fun learning. The happiest thing for us is to hear children yell “learning is so much fun”!

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