TGWK’s Review – Smoody v1.2.1 (iOS)

Smoody is a physics based puzzle game from developer Federico Kalayjian. The object of the game is to try to get the Smoody into the black hole. You do so by manipulating the objects around the level in order to direct them to their goal. This means you can roll them, hit them, drop them, etc as long as it conforms to the laws of physics. There are about 100 levels in the game and as you progress, the challenges get harder and harder.

The controls for the game are easy to master. Most of the game requires that you just cut portions of the level in order to make them do something like rotate around an axis, swing a rock from a rope, or launch smoodies with a seesaw. Other than that, the rest of the game requires a lot of thinking and being able to figure out what each object on the level can do. The levels are well thought out and creatively laid out to really get your brain working. Most of the harder levels however will require a bit a trial and error.

Smoody is a satisfying game. It reminds me a lot of the old physics based Flash games I used to play on my PC. What I do like is the direction the developer took with the game. The developer actually did a clever thing by using these fun little characters instead of something like a rock because this game can appeal to kids and maybe even teach them something about physics and get them playing a game that requires a bit of thinking. Sure some levels might be a bit hard, but you’d be surprised what they can do with a bit of trial and error and even a bit of luck. After a while, they will begin to understand the physics behind it even if they have no idea about the hows and whys.

Smoody is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.


The Smoodies are scattered throughout the universe and are searching for one another to begin a new era. Use your wit and creativity to help them reunite while travelling through space.

Just tap, slide and release to assist your Smoody in reaching the “black hole” using insanely realistic physics and interactive stage elements that you can actually destroy!

Work your way through 5 chapters spanning 100 insanely addicting levels using teleporters, ropes, magnets and much more! Easy to use gameplay, challenging levels and lovable characters make Smoody impossible to put down.

Think carefully and plan wisely to obtain the coveted 3 stars for each level. The faster and more precisely you can slice and dice your way through each level will earn you even more points!

Earn achievements and battle with friends and other players around the world for top score.

Share your scores and achievements with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

[via App Store]

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