Preview – Star Wars: Battle of Hoth (iOS Device)

There are many tower defense based games on the iPhone and iPod Touch but none of them is Star Wars themed…until now. For the low price of $2.99, you can own a part of the Star Wars universe and help defend the rebel base on Hoth in THQ’s Star Wars: Battle of Hoth. The game require iOS 3.1.3 or greater and does also work on the iPad although I’m not sure if its optimized for it yet or not. I’ll try to download this later tonight to my iPhone test unit and see how game play is. Until then, enjoy some screenshots.

Game description and more images after the jump.

Game Description:

The Galactic Civil War rages: Imperial forces have discovered the location of the Rebel base on the ice planet Hoth. Darth Vader orders his forces to commence a ground assault aimed at destroying Echo Base’s main power generator and enabling bombardment

of the planet from space. The Rebel’s only hope is that its forces can resist the Imperial advance long enough to evacuate the doomed base.

Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth is a fast-paced tower-defense game that puts you in command of Echo Base’s defenses. Can you use guile, strategy and reflexes to defend Echo Base from attack? At your command are Infantry Units, Gun Towers, Snowspeeders and more. Facing you is an army of Droids, Snowtroopers and the terrifying AT-ATs. The stage is set for a climatic clash of technology, tactics and action…

Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth features:

15 action-packed levels of combat for control of the ice planet Hoth.
2 gameplay modes, Classic & Fortress for added replay value.
Difficulty settings to enable you to control the level of challenge.
Original music and sounds effects from the movies.
Original video footage that brings the story to life.
Target-control command for all Rebel units.

Weapons and units from the Star Wars universe including AT-ST and AT-AT Walkers, Snowspeeders, DF.9 Anti-Infantry Batteries, Ion Cannons, X-Wing Fighters and Laser Cannons.

OpenFeint support with leader-boards and achievements for extra replay value (also allows connection to Facebook and Twitter).

The future of the Rebel Alliance is in your hands. You are their only hope!

[via Apple App Store]

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