Kid Robot Announces Some Exclusive SDCC Releases and Signings

Kid Robot is heading to the San Diego Comic Con and they aren’t going there empty handed. They’ve released a full schedule of events planned for each day of the show to keep show goers excited which includes some exclusive releases as well as signing schedules for popular Kidrobot artists.   Visit them at the SDCC Botth #4529.

For a full list of events planned, read more after the jump.

Wednesday, July 21, Preview Night – Kidrobot will showcase the pre-release 6″ Simpsons Lard Lad, 3″ DJ Lance Dunny, and the 3″ Super Special Dunny.

This is part one of Thursday’s event. There will be a special signing by artist Ron English as well as an exclusive Figment Bust being offered.

Part 2 of Thursdays event starts off with a signing by artist Shawnimal Smith and concludes with the Ninjatown Vinyl Mini series release and the Exclusive Yeti Ninja Plush. Ninjatown as you know is a popular game on the DS and iPhone.

Friday starts with a signing by artist Paul Budnitz and the Pre-release of I AM PLASTIC, TOO vinyl.

Saturday is a signing by artist Huch Gee as well as an exclusive unveiling of the SDCC exclusive mystery vinyl.

I would consider Sunday’s signing to be the funnest and what I would look forward to the most. Sunday we get to see DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba and it will be there that you can get him to sign the 3″ DJ Lance Dunny that will be available at the show. Anyone want to get me one?

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