The Toy Collector: If You’re Heading to the San Diego Comic Con, Get Your DJ Lance Rock Autograph at Kidrobot Booth

I’m a big fan of Kidrobot and always make it a point to visit any Kidrobot store in the cities that I’m at. It’s always amazing to see some of the vinyl figures they have displayed and I always at least make some kind of purchase there.  Some people might think of these things as toys, but I always look at them as works of art. I have a few on display in my home and the always make a good topic of conversation.

I got an email last week from Kidrobot detailing their schedule of events planned for this weeks San Diego Comic Con and 1 item stood out and made me really wish that I could attend. You see, Kidrobot will be releasing the new DJ Lance Rock Dunny at this years SDCC and that’s not all. DJ Lance Rock will also be there on the last day of SDCC to sign autographs, Sunday 25th from 12-2pm – Booth #4529.

If you don’t know who DJ Lance Rock is, he is the host of the popular and strange children’s show, Yo Gabba Gabba. My kid loves this show because of all the dances and songs. I got hooked on it because of how strange it is. The songs they sing are very catchy and they always have special celebrity guests who perform dances that are just as strange. Tony Hawk is a frequent celebrity guest they once had an entire show devoted to Jack Black.

If you’re a fan of the show and have a kid who is a fan as well and want to get them something really spacial, head on over to Kidrobot’s San Diego Comic Con booth on Sunday and get DJ Lance Rock’s Dunny vinyl and his autograph on it.

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