Antenn-aid for your iPhone 4 – Fix the Touch of Death

Suffering from the dreaded touch of death on your iPhone 4? Love the looks but don’t want to cover it up with a bumper or case? Antennaid has the solution for you. They are offering up a 6-pack of these colorful mini bandaids for your iphone 4 that is sure to deter signal loss. These is probably the most creative solution I’ve seen for the iPhone 4’s signal loss problem. I’ve seen people sue regular duct tape or electrical tape but the Antenn-aid is the prettiest solution that also gives your iphone 4 some character. You can get a pack of 6 from Antennaid’s Etsy Store for $4.99.


Antenn-aid is a custom-sized vinyl sticker for your iPhone 4. It’s designed to be placed over the lower left corner of the antenna. It may improve signal performance*

You get one of each stylish color, for a total of 6 Antenn-aids! Gray, light-gray, green, blue, peach, purple.

[via iPhone Savior via Etsy]

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