Hack Your Nintendo DS For Backup Purposes – All Your Games On One Cartridge

The guys over at Lifehacker have a great article up on how to backup your Nintendo DS games so you can consolidate all your game cartridges into 1 backup unit. This would seriously help reduce the amount of stuff you would need to carry as you would only need 1 backup cartridge. Lifehacker’s tutorial is for the AceKard2i or the SuperCard DSTwo backup cards but you could really use any backup card like the R4DS. Now, the tutorial also require the use of a regular DS or DSLite unit and not the newer DSi. However, once you have the games all backed up, you can play them on the DSi.

Personal experience – when the DSLite first came out, I made the decision to buy a G6 Flash backup unit. This is not like the ones pictured above but were the ones shaped like Gameboy Advance cartridges. I bought this kind because it was also able to backup Gameboy Advance games. This allowed me to play both Gameboy and Nintendo DS games from 1 cartridge. I used this for a couple of years before the cartridge finally bit the dust. My son now has possession of my Nintendo DS and let me tell you that sometimes, it is a pain lugging around the case he has for it that holds all his games, the DS and charger. Back when I had it, I was able to just carry it around in a very slim protective Hori case.  I’m in the market now for a Slot 1 loading backup card and it seems that many of the slot 1 cards are now able to play Gameboy games as well and not just DS games. The DSTwo seems to support that. This would allow me to reduce the amount of stuff my son would have to carry around with him.

Disclaimer – As with most things of this nature, backups are only for games that you own physically. Only backup games that you own legally. Also, the backup process is not for the faint of heart. It is quite technical so please read over the entire process before deciding if this is right for you or not. However, once you figure out how to do it once, it’ll get a whole lot easier next time.

[via Lifehacker]

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