Geek Fashion: Star Wars Backpack Buddies by Comic Images

I posted an image earlier of a Star Wars Stormtrooper backpack that I saw a kid wearing whose parents were part of the 501st Legion. They had purchased it from the Star Wars Celebration V event here in Orlando for $35.00 which includes a special 501st Legion patch that only 501st Legion members could order.

Well, I did a little digging on the internet and found that Comic Images makes this particular Stormtrooper backpack as well as some other ones. They call them Backpack Buddies. There are 7 different designs you can buy and according to the Comic Image’s website, they are only $22.00, although I’m guessing that might be distributor pricing or something because you can not buy them directly from Comic Images as they only sell to authorized retailers and distributors. Most stores online I’ve found sell them for way more than that. Bummer.

My favorite one is the Stormtrooper, although that Chewbacca looks really awesome as well.

[via Comic Images]

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