Review: Astro Gaming “Scout” Gaming Backpack

Another review I did a while back for G Syle Magazine that focused on the Astro Gaming “Scout” Gaming Backpack. If you are looking for a good pack to transport all your gaming gear in safety, I highly recommend this bag.

This review was originally posted up on G Style Magazine as an exclusive review on March 9th, 2010. This is only part of the review. To read the rest please visit the original post here at G Style Magazine.


As an avid gamer, I sometimes run into the problem of how to transport my gear from my home to some remote location in safety.  I own both an Xbox 360 and a Sony Playstation 3 and let me just say, these are not small machines nor are the light by any means.  These two gaming machines are the Goliaths in the gaming industry.  Both are quite large and  not what one would call portable by any means.  So how would one transport these consoles, not to mention the numerous wires that accompany them, the controllers, accessories, and games? This used to be a major problem I faced. In the past I would just try to pack everything up in a regular old Jansport bag but it just never felt very safe or secure in it.  I was always worried about the little bumps the consoles might take or having all my gear packed so tightly together. I however never really gave much thought into purchasing a dedicated gaming backpack as I thought they were just gimmicks and not worth the price they were charging for them.  Boy was I wrong.

Enter the Astro Gaming “Scout” gaming backpack.  Astro Gaming sent me the “Scout” as part of preview package that we will talk about on a later date.  For now, I will only be talking about the Scout gaming backpack.  From Astro Gaming’s website, the following information and specs are given about the Scout.

Features include:

  • Compartments galore – Gear-specific design for console, controllers, cables, sunglasses, handhelds, and your A40 Audio System.
  • Exceptional comfort – High quality Lycra-bonded EVA panel padded backing, dual layered padded ballistic nylon shoulder straps with 3D mesh for added comfort and chest strap for even weight distribution makes the Scout, the most comfortable gaming backpack on the planet.
  • Ultra protective interior – Soft low pile plush console/laptop compartment with expandable pockets and EVA perimeter frame around the cushioned bag, secures and protects your precious cargo.
  • Tailored for the gaming lifestyle – Interior ASTRO lifestyle artwork, detachable MixAmp/media bag, and tons of pockets for everything else shows this bag is tailored for the gamer on the go.

Now, judging by the specs, it seems to do everything and hold everything, but is this really the case?  I put the scout to the test to find out if it can keep up with the speed and pace of your die hard pro-gamer as well as finding out if this pack also has style as well as function.

Read the rest of the review here: G Style Magazine also has all images for the Astro Gaming Scout review so visit the site for all the detailed images of the Scout.


I’d also like to note that my review for the Astro Gaming Scout gaming also found its way to Astro Gaming’s Official website which I thought was very cool. You can find that post here: For more information about the Scout gaming backpack, please visit Astro Gaming’s product page here:

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