Fixing a Broken Nintendo DS Lite – Part One

Recently, my son broke our one and only Nintendo DS Lite. After having it for over 3 years, the right hinge cracked off rendering the DS Lite useless in its current state. Everything still works. The DS Lite turns on, both screens turn on and audio still works. The only thing broken is the hinge itself which means that it can be repaired. Now instead of me sending it into Nintedo for repairs, I decided that I would try to fix it myself and while I was at it, change the color of my DS Lite to something less bland than white.

Quick check on the internet and within minutes, I ordered up a Cobalt Blue / Black combo replacement shell just to add some color to it. I purchased the replacement shell at I’ve never bought anything from them before but so far, their service seems to be pretty fast. I placed my order online last Friday and it will be arriving to me tomorrow on Thursday. Not too bad. Let’s hope that when I get it, all parts are included for the repair, I know that repairing it myself might not be such a simple task but I’ve always been a hands on type of guy so why not.

Stay tuned for Part Two of this article when parts for the Nintendo DS Lite arrive.


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