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First Impression: Okamiden (Nintendo DS)

Hello everyone! Having recently received Okamiden through a generous donation from Samuel (aka samversionone), I just wanted to share my initial thoughts on the game. Let me know what you think about this game =) Editor’s Note: Nikki aka FullMetalPiglet is now a part of the team here at The Gamer With Kids. We think … Continue reading

Okamiden Trailers – Meet the Thunders (DS)

Today we have for you 3 new Okamiden trailers for the Nintendo DS. In this set of trailers, we meet the Thunders – Thunder Lady, Thunder Girl and Thunder Boy, who live on a mountaintop practically in the clouds. An exuberant bunch, their music generates electricity and it’s up to Chibiterasu and Kurow to learn … Continue reading

PR: Early Purchasers of Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version to be Rewarded with Exciting Victini Distribution

Here’s some information that might interest Pokemon fans worldwide, Nintendo is offering those who purchase Pokemon Black and White versions between launch and April 10th a special Liberty Pass that will enable players to catch the never-before seen mythical Pokemon, Victini. According to Nintendo’s press release, Victini is a special Pokemon that is both a … Continue reading

Review: Art Academy (Nintendo DS)

Art Academy is a brand new Nintendo DS title that is aimed at stirring those creative juices. Art Academy transforms your Nintendo DS device into virtual art class class that teaches you everything from the basics to more advanced techniques. When I first heard about this title, I was pretty intrigued by it especially since … Continue reading