The Gamer With Kids’ 2010 Holiday Video Games Gift Guide

As Christmas is fast approaching, I’m sure most of you are still scrambling to find that perfect gift for your loved ones. If your loved ones so happen to be gamers, well we got the perfect list for you. Here are our choices for the top 5 games for each platform. It’s interesting to note that most of the different platforms have exclusive games for that platform in our top 5 list except for the Xbox 360. The only exclusive games we have listed for the Xbox 360 are Halo Reach and Fable III. The other 3 games are multi-platform however since they have online features, we generally recommend the Xbox 360 versions over the others due to the 360’s more feature rich online service.

Again, these are the games that we feel are tops right now for each system. Some might be slightly older games, but they are still great games nonetheless and should be added to your collection if you don’t already have them.

Xbox 360

  • Halo Reach
  • Call of Duty Black Ops (360/PS3)
  • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (360/PS3)
  • Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (360/PS3)
  • Fable III


  • Dance Central
  • Kinectimals

PlayStation 3

  • Gran Turismo 5
  • Uncharted 2: Among Theives
  • God of War III
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • ModNation Racers


  • Eyepet
  • Start the Party

Nintendo Wii

  • Disney Epic Mickey
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii
  • Mario Galaxy 2
  • Kirby’s Epic Yarn
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns

Nintendo DS

  • Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-land Mayhem
  • Super Scribblenauts
  • Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
  • Art Academy
  • Pokemon Rangers: Guardian Signs

PlayStation Portable (PSP)

  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta
  • PSP Eyepet with Camera
  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
  • Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
  • LittleBigPlanet

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