Review: Flight Doodle Classic by Eyedip (iOS)

Flight Doodle Classic by Eyedip is another game in the long list of “doodle” games that have been cropping up on the App Store. The premise of doodle games is that all the graphics look like hand drawn doodles, which they are. Another aspect of most of these doodle games is how casual they are. The learning curve is very low and it’s easy to crank out multiple games in short amounts of time.  This is great for those who are gaming as they are waiting around for appointments, meetings, etc.

Flight Doodle Classic is very similar to the game Doodle Jump by Lima Sky. It’s a vertical platforming type game where your goal is to see how high you can get before being popped. The controls are very simple and only require you to tilt the iPhone from left to right in order to move your balloon from left to right. Finger presses are only used when you need to activate power-ups or boosts. The simplicity of the game however is great as it helps to keep you focused on your main objective which is to fly as high as you can.

Flight Doodle Classic is a very casual game. The music is very relaxing and it actually feels like its very calming when I hear it. The gameplay itself is equally as relaxing. It’s not a fast paced game at all. You’re mainly just floating through the sky moving left and right in order to avoid obstacles like falling push pins, rocks, airplanes, rain clouds, darts, rockets, birds, etc. Again, the main goal of the game is too see how high you can get.

One of the coolest parts of the game however is the fact that you can design your own balloon using their simple drawing tools. You basically paint on a blank balloon canvas and can also adjust the width of your painting tool. I tried making one myself but I seem to have fat fingers and can’t quite draw what I want to draw. This is where a stylus would probably come in handy but this is not the fault of the app. It’s the fault of my fat fingers because I can’t see through my fingers in order to make clean lines.

Aside from that, the gameplay is very solid. It may be a tad slow for some but you can speed it up by holding down the “speed up” button. Even though the game is really easy to play, I found it to be quite addicting as each time I played, I’d want to get higher and higher. I also like the fact that it is linked to Open Feint’s service so that you can upload a global score and compare it with other users. So far I’ve only gotten into the mid 30k range but I’ve already seen score well into the 300k range. Flight Doodle definitely is a fun game to play even though it seems quite simple at first.

Flight Doodle should appeal to many due to the nature of the game and is very age friendly. My son who is 4 was able to play this game as well which is a huge plus for me because each game he can play on my iPhone is a game that will keep him occupied while I attend to other things.

Flight Doodle currently is 99 cents on the App Store.

Rating: 4/5


Flight Doodle is a high-flying, action-packed thrill ride. With uniquely customizable aircrafts, lush, colorful atmospheric settings and visually brilliant doodled art style, it’s full of delightful and light-hearted fun for everyone!

Soaring skyward, you gather power-ups and avoid an array of falling objects and enemies as you try to reach new heights.

Collect a variety of tools that help you deal with everything from changing weather patterns to falling pushpins. With the tap of a finger, you can shrink your balloon, give it a protective shield, or arm it with explosive shells that blast obstacles!

You can even design their own hot-air balloons using the in-game drawing program.

Watch your creations take flight!

[via App Store]

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