Review: Hunter and Wolves (iOS)

Hunter and Wolves is a free game out right now on the App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Developed by Vertra Animation Studios, Hunter and Wolves is a very simple game that utilizes your iOS device’s tilt sensor in order to control your character. There are no other controls you need to use, only the tilt sensor.

If you check out the description for this game in the App Store and look at the screen shots from the game, it’s very difficult really to figure our what kind of game this is as they don’t really tell you at all. The screenshots do not show any actual in game  screens and the description is a little vague. Luckily, the game is free so you really have nothing to lose by downloading the game and trying it out…except for maybe your time.

Hunter and Wolves starts off with some pretty nice looking graphics for the menu select screen and the animations that lead up to the game. This makes you think that the game is going to have some pretty great looking graphics and that there might be a pretty decent story to it, even if it is just a casual game. That is not the case at all. Instead, in game graphics are pretty horrible, almost laughable.

The game itself is almost too simplistic. The above screen is all there is to the game. The title implies that you are the hunter but you are really just prey.  You control your “hunter” using the tilt sensor and run around the screen trying to avoid what looks like wolves. The longer you stay alive, the higher your score gets. Also the longer you stay alive, the more wolves appear on your screen. Your goal is to just avoid the wolves as long as you can.

After a few minutes of playing, the game just got really boring and repetitive. There is really not much else to do besides run around. Sure the game provides some power-ups, but they don’t really amount to much. There is also 1 major problem with the game. See the screen above? What’s wrong with it? What is a “SCOER?” Misspellings in a game are almost unforgivable, especially one as big as this.

Final Thoughts

Vertra’s Hunter and Wolves could have been a fun game except that there is just very little to really do in it. The graphics are poor and the gameplay is too simplistic and repetitive. I would have much rather seen in game graphics that matched those of what are in the story animations. Also the misspelling on the word SCORE is just unforgivable considering it is displayed so largely on the screen. In the end, I honestly feel like I wasted my few minutes playing this game even though it was free to download. If it were a paid app, I would have been really upset. I recommend you skip this game and run for the hills like you were being chased by a pack of wolves.

Rating: 1/5


Wolves and hunters don’t get along well in most situations, that’s something you can be sure of in Vertra’s “Hunter and Wolves” game. The hunter shall be surrounded by an encirclement of conspiracy. Only when the player can properly grasp the skills of balancing can the hunter escape through these rings of peril.

A hunter is savoring a successful capture, unknowing that a bigger pack of wolves are in camoflouge nearby viciously planning their revenge. The path home starts becoming difficult. As the hunter starts being ambushed from all directions, he realizes that his only hope of survival depends on escape through the player’s sense of balancing the phone. now it is your job to help him to avoid the wolves and save the hunter’s life as long as possible. More and more wolves will come in to challenge the hunter and …you !

Tip A – Your only hope of survival is escaping, so try to do it with strategy. Use the gravity sensing mechanism to dodge the attacks of the red and black wolves. Red wolves react slightly faster, ever striving to surround the hunter.

Tip B – During the game there shall be three items to help escape. Some can help fight off the wolves, some can make the hunter run faster, and some can temporarily turn the hunter invisible, making the wolves lose their tracking abilities.

Have Fun!

[via App Store]

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