Review: Seek and Find (iOS)

I’d like to welcome my friend Doriftu as a new contributing writer here on The Gamer With Kids. He is a good friend of mine and a soon to be father so I figured why not. Plus he has an iPad so he’ll be handling all the iPad reviews from here on out. If you want to know more about Doriftu, you can follow him on his Twitter account here.

Today at The Gamer With Kids, we had a chance to try Gnosis Games’ Seek and Find first hand, and it’s definitely a game that will work your hand eye coordination to the core.  The game features 45 levels that slowly increase in difficulty, though you can skip right to the harder levels by picking a higher difficulty to start the game.  The point of each level is to “Seek” visually what the game is asking you to “Find” (thus the rather fitting title).  Each level begins by stating what you are seeking, which is in most cases one to four of a particular face.  This can range from finding one that is different, one that is the same, one that is moving, and so on.  Seek and Find is time based, and with each correct choice you have some additional time added, while with each incorrect choice, time is taken away. Points are awarded as you make the right choices and the point of the game is to score as high as you can before the time runs out.

Seek and Find allows for you to add 4 players by name and one guest, this feature allows each family member to compete against each other to see who can get the highest score.  There is nothing like a little healthy competition to make things more interesting.  This game is definitely correct for almost all ages, and is a great way to test and build your child’s hand eye coordination and motor skills (as well as your own).  I might even go as far to saying, that once a child is old enough to read and hold the iPad safely, they are probably old enough to play this game.

My first fear while playing this game was that every level would be the same each time you played it, but with the rotation of images and types, it remains somewhat fresh as you make it all the way through.  This is rather refreshing in the sense that it gives the game some re-playability.  The only thing that would help push this game forward with future updates, is additional images to seek and some add on levels.  All in all at the going rate of $2.99, factoring in the fun factor with the family, I would definitely recommend pulling the trigger on this one to play with the kids.

Seek and Find is available now from the App Store and only works with the iPad. I’d love to also see this get a release on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Rating: 4/5


What will you Seek?

RACE against time to challenge your reflexes, agility and memory.

PLAY with friends, family, or by yourself throughout a variety of fun and fast-paced challenges such as: Find the odd character, Find the fastest, Shake your iPad to find the right one, Find the pair…

BUILD your hand eye coordination and PUSH your agility to the limit!

DEVELOP your skills through harder and harder levels.

SHARE the fun and challenge your kids. Don’t let them top you in the leaderboard!

What will you Find?

• 45 levels with increasing complexity and challenge; Secret levels to unlock.
• Tons of fun challenges: Find me, Catch me, Find the Odd one, Find the fastest one, Find both of us, Shake
to find both…
• Family-friendly leaderboards: single ID allows you or the your family to rank among the best!
• Full accelerometer and multitouch experience; 5 simultaneous touch points.
• For everyone: Adults, Kids, and gamers.
• Only for iPad: HD graphics, full processor use and a full screen experience.

[via App Store]


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