Review: Cannon Cadets v2.1 (iOS)

Today on The Gamer With Kids, we bring to you our review of Cannon Cadets version 2.1. Cannon Cadets is developed by XMG Studios and their newest update 2.1 brings some major features and improvements to Cannon Cadets. The biggest new feature here is the new Level Builder which allows you to build your own levels as well as share them with other users. Cannon Cadets could be seen as an Angry Birds clone, but with the addition of the Level Builder, Cannon Cadets has shot to the head of the class in my opinion. This adds major replay value to the game because now, you’ll never have to worry about running out of levels to play.

Cannon Cadets is a physics based game. The goal of the game is to shoot your little cadet  named Rocket Boy at all the enemies in each level while also freeing your comrades. Each new level gets progressively harder and harder which is great because it really offers quite a bit of a challenge. I dislike games that are too easy as they never hold my attention for too long. Games that offer up challenges always keep me coming back for more as I hate leaving any challenge uncompleted. Even if I do beat a level in Cannon Cadets, I replay it and try to get Admiral status. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to games so any game that can really challenge me I love.

Again, the game is very similar to Angry Birds so if you’ve played it before, you should have no trouble getting right into Cannon Cadets.

Cannon Cadets includes 4 different planets to play on, each with 20 levels. That means there are 80 included levels in the game. Most of the levels are pretty challenging and trying to get Admiral status in each is no easy task. Throughout the levels, you will also get a chance to earn bonus levels which XMG Studios has also included. There are 5 bonus levels on each world to discover making a total of 100 levels included in the game. That’s a lot of included levels. I haven’t even included the infinite amount of user created levels you can download either.

With this new update, XMG Studios finally brought Retina Display support to the iPhone 4 and it looks amazing. The graphics are crisp and clear with no signs of pixelation. What’s great about Cannon Cadets is that it i a universal app too which means that included in this game is also the iPad HD optimized version. That means you only need to buy this game 1 time for all your devices. That’s a huge advantage over those other games that make you buy both the iPhone/iPod Touch versions and the iPad HD version if you want to play it on the iPad. Big thumbs up to XMG Studios for this.

Final Thoughts

Cannon Cadets is a solid game. If you are a fan of Angry Birds, you’ll be a fan of Cannon Cadets. Cannon Cadets offers up quite a bit of a challenge and often times you’ll need to play a level over and over again to beat it but that’s half the fun. The other half is trying to get Admiral status on each level which is no easy task. What sets this game apart from Angry Birds and what ultimately makes it a much better game in my opinion is the inclusion of the Level Builder and the Cannon Cadets’ Academy. This basically adds and infinite amount of levels to this game giving Cannon Cadets some major replay value. XMG Studios did a great job with this game and the new updates. I highly recommend this game to everyone and at 99 cents, you are getting some major value.

You can pick up Cannon Cadets from the App Store here for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It’s a universal app so it works on all devices. You only need to purchase it one time for 99 cents.

Rating: 5/5


Cannon Cadets, the hot new physics game from the people that brought you #1 hits Little Metal Ball and Marine Sharpshooter! 80 beautifully illustrated levels, an awesome level builder and level sharing community, addictive gameplay and lots of re-playability are just a few reasons why Cannon Cadets is the new must have game.


Not that long ago, in a Galaxy not really very far away at all, a wretched, evil monkey named Gordo decided to steal all the fun in the world and keep it for himself.

Gordo especially despised “The Cannon Cadets” who he kidnapped and locked away in steel cages. He built jails and constructed monstrous robots to keep guard over them. Unknown to Gordo, one special little boy, who was known as “”Rocket Boy”” was able to jet free from his iron like grip.

Now you must help Rocket Boy rescue all his Cadet friends. Good luck, the future of fun depends on you!

– 80 beautifully illustrated levels
– 4 playable characters (RocketBoy, RocketGirl, Pop, and Granati)
– Hidden Bonus Levels
– Flexible, robust Level Builder to create unlimited, diabolical levels
– In-App Community to rate and download levels created by others
– Amazing game physics including hinged and moving objects, and complex levels that would delight even Rube Goldberg and Heath Robinson

What’s New in Version 2.1

New update includes full HD content for iPad in addition to Retina Display support for iPhone 4.

The Cannon Cadets Level Builder is here! Now you can create your own levels — simple ones or diabolical ones, your choice! Share your levels with others or rate and play levels submitted by other users in the Cannon Cadets Academy. With the Level Builder and Cannon Cadets Academy, you’ll never be waiting for more levels again!

In this version we have also added new sounds and a scoring system so you can see which levels you did awesome in, or go back to re-play the levels that you didn’t master.

In case you missed it, here are the updates from our previous updates:

– images optimized for iPhone 4 Retina Display
– Play your own music in the background
– Mute sound option

[via App Store]

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