Review: mScribble – make music with your finger! (iOS)

Appular teamed up with Panpipes Ho! to create mScribble – make music with your fingers. mScribble is a music generator that uses your finger to generate music. All you do is “scribble” anywhere on the screen and mScribble makes tones based on where and how you are scribbling.

I’m going to start this off by saying that mScribble is not a game, it’s an experience. mScribble is a pure music creation tool that is very different from many of the other music tools out in the App Store. Unlike other music creation tools that simulate a real instrument such as a piano or a guitar, mScribble is not pretending to be any of those. If anything, mScribble makes your finger the instrument.

You start off mScribble by choosing one of the preinstalled beats and hit start. That’s it. It takes you into the scribble screen where you basically just scribble, tap, and swipe in order to create your tones. mScribble makes use of the whole screen to create music. The top portion is for high notes and the bottom is for low notes. You can also swipe left and right to make the tones louder or softer – very easy to remember. You can even shake your device to create a vibrato effect.

mScribble is a great tool for those who have no idea how to play real music. It makes it very easy to create songs that actually sound like songs and not just random notes being played. There are quite a bit of preinstalled drum beats and background music you can use although I’d like to see a way to either create your own or import your own into the app.

Final Thoughts

mScribble is a fun app to play with. There is nothing to learn and you can easily create music right away. I also like the “send audio” function that lets you email your songs to yourself or others – requires Quicktime.  This app is almost perfect as there is very little that needs improvement although I would love to see multitouch support so we could get multiple scales going at once and maybe a way to create your own drumbeats in the future.

mScribble is available in the App Store for 99 cents for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Rating: A


Play music like the genius you know you are! Take your fingertip for a ride on a roller coaster of notes. Featured as “New and Noteworthy” and “Staff Favorites” in the App Store in February 2010.

2009 “Best App Ever” Finalist in two categories: “Best Musical Synthesizer App” and “Best App for Primary School Kids!”

With mScribble®, you can improvise beautiful melodies over a bass line by scribbling on the screen. You’ll never need to know a thing about scales or chords. Just express your music with the tip of your finger.

[via App Store]


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