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DeliTape v1.0 for iOS Review [TheGamerWithKids.com]

DeliTape v1.0 for iOS Review [TheGamerWithKids.com]

DeliTape is a replacement music player for your iPhone/iPod Touch from developer Umbrella Software Development GmbH. You might ask yourself, why would I need a replacement music player when the iPod Music app works perfectly fine on my device? Well the answer to that is you don’t, but DeliTape is a fun, nostalgic way to listen … Continue reading

Preview: Kosmo Spin by Simogo (iOS)

Here’s a small preview of Kosmo Spin for the iPhone. This is the first game coming out of developer Simogo and I’ll say that this is a very good first effort. I’ve had a chance to check out a preview build of Kosmo Spin this week and it’s a tough game to put down. To … Continue reading

Review: Explore the Animal Kingdom v1.1 (iOS)

Here’s a great little educational app just for the kids that comes from independent developer, Mathieu Brassard. The app is called Explore the Animal Kingdom and the main goal of the app is to teach kids many different kinds of animals and the sounds they make. At the moment, there are around 92 different animals … Continue reading

Review: XT v1.0 (iOS)

XT by Lka Interactive is a space shooter, however it’s quite different from any space shooter you’ve ever played. XT is more like a cross between Asteroids and Pac-Man. Weird combination, yes, but it actually works pretty well for this game. The main goal of XT is to collect glowing green and red gems while … Continue reading

Preview: Explore the Animal Kingdom v1.1 (iOS)

Indie developer Mathieu Brassard released Explore the Animal Kingdom into the App Store. The game is designed for babies and preschoolers with the emphasis on teaching children different types of animals and the different sounds they make. With over 92 animals featured, Explore the Animal Kingdom is the perfect app to expose your child to … Continue reading