Shades Review – A Tetris Like Puzzler with Color [iOS]

shades_iconOne of the best puzzle games ever made was that of Tetris. Even now, plenty of people still play and enjoy it and there’s a reason for that. It’s simple to learn, but is one of the most challenging games out there. It’s no wonder that many try to mimic the game mechanics of Tetris while introducing their own little twists to it. The game Shades is a rather good example of this and makes use of color rather than different shaped blocks.

Shades is a puzzle game that at its core, wants you to match rows in order to remove them. How it does it though is quite different from anything I’ve played before. Colored blocks of varying shades drop from the top. If we use green as an example, light green blocks drop. If you line all the light green blocks side by side, you can remove a row. However, you’ll start to find that different shades of green drop. Light green, green, dark green, and an even darker green can all drop from the top. What’s neat here is that if you stack two of the same colors on top of each other, they merge together to form a darker color and if that combined color matches the color underneath that, it too merges together to form an even darker color.

It’s the merging of colors here that makes the game unique and adds an entirely new level to your classic Tetris-like game. This makes Shades insanely difficult as you progress as now, not only do you have to match rows, but you have to think about what happens when you stack like colored blocks on top of each other.

Shades is a very interesting take on the whole Tetris thing. It has some similarities like dropping blocks and matching colors to get rid of rows, but that’s about all it has in common. Everything else is quite unique which makes Shades a very different game. This is a game that really makes you think about your next move and how the different shades of colors will affect your progress. Puzzle lovers will surely love this game as I know I really did. I would suggest you pick this up while it’s free this week as the price will go up on this soon.

App Store Link: Shades
Version: 1.1.1
Developer: UOVO
Price: Free
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.


Featured in Apple’s “Best New Games”.
A mesmerizing, calming, zen-like experience that quickly evolves into a devilishly challenging puzzler.
Meditation + Panic. It’s a fantastic combo.

A very simple game that will challenge you to think very fast.

“Surprisingly difficult!” ~ The guys who made it.

– Simple rules
– Intuitive gameplay
– Difficult to master
– 3 modes of play. Easy. Medium. Hard.
– Beautiful, colorful, minimalist design.
– Sound design by ONBC

How to Play:

The gameplay is simple.
– Move the falling blocks into the best position to combine blocks and clear rows.
– Place 2 blocks of the same color on top of each other to combine them into a single block of a darker color.
– Create a row of blocks with same color to clear the row.
– Don’t let your stack of blocks hit the top.

Super simple, surprisingly challenging.

We would like to thank Oliver North Boy Choir ( for permission to use the song “Sleep” in the Shades video preview –

[Source: App Store]

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