TGWK’s Review of “Train Conductor” v1.6 (iOS)

There are certain games in the App Store that have a special place in my heart and those are the ones that my son enjoys. You see, I download tons of games for him to try but only certain games really keep his attention. On such game is Train Conductor by The Voxel Agents. My son is a huge fan of trains thanks in part to Thomas the Tank Engine so I had to see  for myself if this was a game he loved because it had trains in it or because it was genuinely fun to play.

Train Conductor is an arcade puzzle game where the goal is to direct your trains to the proper numbered tracks. As the conductor, you need to create tracks to guide each train to the correct track without crashing into each other. Sounds simple enough, but as you progress though the game, you’ll find that it’s actually much more challenging.

Graphically, Train Conductor is a beautiful game. All the levels in the game are hand painted and the trains themselves are 3 dimensional models. Everything works well with each other and gives the game a clean, polished look that will appeal to many. The Voxel Agents also did a fantastic job on the music and sound effects. The music fits the game perfectly with a western type feel to it and they have also included real train sounds which adds to the feel of the game.

On the gameplay side of things, Train Conductor is a very fun and challenging game to play. It starts off a bit easy which is good because you will really need to focus and pay attention in the later levels as it starts to get really fast and hectic with the amount of trains you need to keep track of. There are several levels to unlock and each level has a day and night mode. Daytime mode has regular trains while nighttime mode has special ghost trains and demon trains with special characteristics. Daytime mode is much more challenging since you can’t crash any of the trains while nighttime mode can get really hectic as they throw more trains at you but the ghost trains can go through each other without crashing. What’s I like about the game is that you don’t really need to win a game in order to unlock the next level. Even if you lose, it takes that score and adds it to the amount you need to unlock the level. This is great for younger players as they will not feel like they are actually losing because they still get to unlock levels.

I can see why my son likes this game, not only because of the train theme but because the game is fun to play. Train Conductor is suitable for the entire family and I definitely recommend this as a game you need to add to your collection. It’s free so you should at least give it a try but I promise that once you do, you’ll be hooked on it.

Train Conductor is available now in the App Store for free and works on all iOS devices.

Rating: A+


Train Conductor is winning awards and we’re celebrating! For the first time, it’s FREE!!


Control trains with the swipe of a finger, avoid disastrous collisions and explore 10 exotic Australian levels. THIS IS NO SIMULATION – JUST SUPER FUN!

Become a Train Conductor today!

★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★

✔ Online Plus+ Leaderboards – compare scores with friends
✔ 15 Challenging Achievements to collect!
✔ Gorgeous hand-painted levels and lush environmental effects; Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Great Outback, Flinders St Station, the famous wine region and the golden beaches
✔ Wide variety of conditions; Gold Rush Trains, Demon Trains, Ghost Trains, broken tracks and different weather patterns
✔ Miniature 3D Steam Trains and Cars
✔ Get on a winning streak and increase your Score Multiplier
✔ Experience the crazy Graveyard Shift – Ghost Trains don’t crash into each other, but you have to connect them at breakneck speeds – “MENTAL”!!
✔ Create multiple profiles on one device
✔ Quirky original soundtrack – no expense spared on this soundtrack!! (or listen to your iPod)

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