TGWK’s Review of “Tiny Garden” v1.2 (iOS)

Tiny Garden by Milo Creative is strictly a children’s game, mainly for children who are just beginning to learn the names of objects. Tiny Garden is a very simple game where all you do is click on an object in the garden and it makes it’s own unique sound. You may not think this is very useful but it is pretty entertaining for children that age. There is also a flash card mode that shows each object in the garden. When you press on it, it makes the same sound it makes in the garden. Now, the neatest part of this is that you can actually record your own sounds for each object. That means that if you want your child to learn the actual name of each object, you can record the name of the object yourself. This makes learning much more personal for the child because they’ll be able to hear your voice instead of some random stranger’s voice.

The graphics in the game are very simplistic but very appropriate for children as they are pretty bright and cheerful looking. Everything is bright and colorful so kids should really enjoy this. Audio wise, the default sounds are interesting but grow old fast. Luckily you can record your own sounds for each object so that’s a major plus.

All-in-all, Tiny Garden is a very good title for children that will help them learn about objects in a garden. The only real downside to this title is it’s limited scope. There are only a few objects to learn and only the one garden scene. I would have loved to have seen some different themes and not just the garden. This would also allow for more objects to learn. The concept however is great and love the recording feature.

Tiny Garden is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It works with all iOS devices.

Rating: B+


Tiny Garden is an educational game that helps children learn new words as they play. Tiny Garden delights and encourages children to explore words in an interactive musical garden that is full of animated animals, plants, fruit & vegetables. Children meet the friendly spider, the singing bird, the beautiful butterfly, & wiggly worm as they play in the magical garden.


Featured by Apple in ‘New & Noteworthy’ and ‘What’s Hot’, featured on iPhoneFreak.


Tiny Garden helps children learn words in a playful, interactive garden and a series of beautifully illustrated animals, plants, fruit & vegetables that have sound effects to aid word recognition.


Parents & children can record their own voices to help word recognition and pronunciation. You & your child will have great fun recording your own words, helping your child build their vocabulary and confidence speaking.


“By using animation, bright colours and an interactive environment, the app encourages word association. What we like most about this one is that a parent can add their own voiceover to the pictures, so language, accent and pronunciation are all under their control.” – iPhoneFreak


Tiny Garden is great for teaching multiple languages to children and currently supports English, Spanish, Greek and Italian.


– Play with your child and teach them their first words
– Keep your child entertained whilst having a positive learning experience
– You & your child can record your own words, building their confidence speaking
– Teach your child new words in multiple languages

[via App Store]

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