TGWK’s Review of “Push Panic” v1.0 (iOS)

Push Panic is a brand new puzzle game from Appular. This is their second self published title this year. In Push Panic, the goal of the game is to get rid of falling colored blocks before they reach the top “panic” line and overflow off the edge. Like other block dropping games, colored blocks fall from the top of the screen. Unlike other games however, you don’t math colors by moving them around. Instead, you “push” same colored blocks to form combos and tap again to get rid of them. The higher the number of blocks you get rid of at once, the higher your score.

Graphically, Push Panic is very simple. There are no distracting elements in the game and everything is there for a reason. The game is very colorful and I really like the overall design of the whole user interface and gameplay screen.

Push Panic is a game about speed and a bit about strategy. At first, the game may seem simple but as you progress, you’ll find that you really need to be focused and on your toes to get those high scores. Each level requires a certain score to get either a bronze, silver, or gold medal. It’s not easy at all as some levels require an insanely high score. In order to get such high scores, you’ll need to get huge combos which means you will need to let the stack of blocks get pretty big. This of course means you need to be really fast in order to tap all the blocks before they overflow at the top. You will also need to make use of the many special blocks that come down as well in order to really get your score to climb. Push Panic ain’t easy but it is very fun and very challenging. I spent much time playing some levels over and over again trying to get a gold medal. What’s great is that each time you play, it’s different. The goals for each level remain the same but the blocks dropped are random.

There really isn’t much not to like in Push Panic. The developers did a great job with the overall game and there are plenty of game modes to keep you busy. Each game mode is distinctively different making the replay value of Push Panic very high. Push Panic if a game that the whole family can enjoy and since it’s Game Center and OpenFeint enabled, you can also compete against each other for the highest scores.

Push Panic is available now in the App Store for $0.99.

Rating: A


Push Panic is an exciting and colorful new puzzle game that introduces four frantically fun game modes and fast-paced gameplay!

Tap the boxes to blast combinations off the screen before the pile reaches the red panic bar and topples over! Push Panic includes 50 intense levels and each of the four exhilarating modes introduces explosive new challenges and a competitive live ranking system.

Triumph over your friends in four exciting gameplay modes:
– Classic Panic
– Color Panic
– Time Panic
– Score Panic

OpenFeint and Game Center integration add a compelling social element that allows for competition in real time on global leaderboards.

Achieve olympic-like greatness by completing objectives and earning bronze, silver or gold medals!

Randomly falling power-up blocks include chain-links to combine multiple color strings, point multipliers, time freezes, bombs, and a bar-raising block that gives you more wiggle room!

Link as many colored blocks together as possible for massive combos and bonuses to earn numerous medals and outrank your friends!

Can you handle the onslaught of blocks without losing your cool?

[via App Store]

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