TGWK’s Quick Review of Gran Turismo 5 (PlayStation 3)

I received Gran Turismo 5 last week that I purchased from Amazon and have been playing it since it came out last Wednesday, November 24th. I’m not posting an in depth review of the game since there are tons of those already online. Instead, I’m posting up some quick impressions of the game that I’ve noticed after playing it for week.

First off, Gran Turismo 5 is graphically amazing. Vehicle models are amazing and accurate as well as all the tracks and environments. There is one thing however that Gran Turismo 5 does not do well graphically and that is how the new damage models work. They suck which is really a shame considering how long GT5 has been in development. This is a big disappointment as this was one of the new features I was looking forward too. If you compare how damage works between Gran Turismo 5 and Forza 3, Forza 3 is way ahead in this area. In GT5, pieces of the body do not come off the cars and windows do not shatter. Even if you slam head on into a wall or another vehicle, there just doesn’t seem to be equivalent damage involved. Headlights and taillights also do something weird where they do not shatter but instead become horribly disfigured and dented which looks very strange.  The way they do damage almost makes me wish that they hadn’t even put it in at all, that’s how unrealistic it looks.

I’m also a bit disappointed with how modding works in the game. Actually, I should say customizing and not modding. You can mod pretty much every technical aspect of each vehicle from the gear ratio to the amount of camber on the suspension but you can’t really customize your vehicle. There area limited number of after market wheels to choose from and you can’t even use them on standard cars. There also is a limited amount of body mods you can make. You also can not create custom graphics for your vehicles or personalize them. It’s a let down considering Forza Motorsports has been able to do this quite well over the past few years.

Gran Turismo 5 is still a really good and fun driving simulation. It’s very technical in nature and is for those who want the most realistic driving experience out there on the PlayStation 3. Yes it has a several short-comings that keep it from being perfect but if all you want to do is drive and race, GT5 is still quite good at what it does. I just wish it had a few more bells and whistles especially considering what the competition has out there.

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