TGWK’s Review of “Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure” v1.1 (iOS)

Just in time for Christmas, Nickelodeon has released a brand new storybook adventure entitled “Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure” developed by Budge Studios. The game is an episodic adventure where players will follow along with the story while completing little mini-games along the way. Think of it as an interactive story book.

Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure tells the tale of Swiper the Fox and how Dora must help him get on Santa’s nice list. Swiper has been a very naught fox this year so getting on Santa’s nice list won’t be easy but with Dora’s help, it might just be possible.

To start things off, Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure is for preschoolers. The game plays out like one of Dora’s television shows except that it isn’t animated as much. The story is narrated by Dora which is great for young children and in typical Dora fashion, has both English and Spanish words mixed in. Thrown into the story are small mini-games that children can play. They are not very challenging and should be easy enough for small children to play along. Most of the games require some form of swiping or tapping so it should not be discouraging for children.

Graphically, it’s very Dora. If your children are fans of the television show, they should really enjoy this title. It’s Dora’s version of The Christmas Carol, but super simplified. My son went though the story and enjoyed it.

With that said, this brings up one of the negatives about this game. It is very short. If you’re kids are already really good at iPhone games, Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure will last only 15 minutes in one playthrough and that’s it. There really isn’t much replay value as there will be only so many times your children will want to go through this story and because it’s Christmas themed, they may not want to play it again after Christmas is over. If Nickelodeon really wants to extend the life of this title, they should have included some Christmas themed mini-games that are independent of the story so that children can continue to play even if they lose interest with the main story. That’s my only real gripe with Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure.

This however is the main issue with most storybook games. Once it’s over, you don’t really go back to it. It’s the same with a book. You may go back and read it again later on but not right away. Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure is a good story though and even with the limited replay value, your children should still be able to enjoy the story and the lesson it teaches.

Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure is available now in the App Store for $1.99. It is compatible with all iOS devices with OS 3.0 and higher. There is also an HD version exclusively for the iPad.


Experience Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure like you never have before! This interactive episode brings the experience of reading, watching and playing together in one fun-filled App. Join Dora as she helps Swiper get on Santa’s nice list and as they travel through time to learn the true spirit of Christmas. The app features activities, animation, songs, and is narrated by Dora herself!

*Play several interactive activities and mini-games designed for preschoolers
*Supports reading and listening comprehension and Spanish vocabulary
*Teaches wonderful lessons on sharing and the spirit of Christmas
*Features a special Christmas song sung by Dora that users can interact with
*Preschoolers can listen to Dora’s narration of the story or turn narration off and read together with their parents.
*The iPad version features stunning HD graphics

[via App Store]

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