Gran Turismo 5 Oops – One of These Cars Does Not Belong

If you’ve been playing Gran Turismo 5 like I have, then you should be pretty far along in the game now where you already have access to the Professional Series races. One of those races is the Muscle Car Championship where the only requirement for the race is that you use an American made muscle car only. That means Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, etc regardless of year it was produced. Well, if you look at the image above, something’s not right. Somehow I was able to pick a car that is the complete opposite of what a muscle car is. Can you spot it? Here’s a closer look.

If you said Scion xB, bingo. For some odd reason, the Scion xB is allowed to enter this race which is a complete mistake in the game. It’s neither a muscle car or made in the USA. Big oops there. If you’re wondering how the race turned out, I barely make it halfway around the the first lap before getting lapped by everyone.

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