TGWK’s Review of “Invaders World Tour 3” v1.0 (iOS)

Invaders World Tour 3 from Appular and developer MeYuMe is a new game based on the classic retro arcade shooter, Space Invaders. Invaders World Tour 3 is an updated take on the classic and includes new graphics, new music, and new gameplay features not found in the original. Unlike the original Space Invaders that is set in space, this one takes place on Earth in different countries around the world. It’s up to you to defend our planet from the invading hordes.

Since this is a re-imagining of the classic Space Invaders game, everything about the game had to be updated. Gone are the pixelated graphics which have been replaced with 3D looking models. The background has also changed quite a bit. Instead of being just a generic outer space background, we are now treated to images of the country you are currently defending. It’s a nice touch that adds color to the game. The sound has also been updated with the inclusion of a retro and a more modern sound scheme.  It’s also possible to record your own sound effects for each action. It’s a nice addition that adds some uniqueness to the game.

Gameplay in Invaders World Tour 3 is pretty simple to master. You tilt your i Phone left or right to move your ship in either direction and you shoot by tapping the screen continuously. This makes for a fairly easy to control game that you can play one-handed. The only thing I would suggest for the controls would be if they could add the ability for me to just hold down my finger to continuously shoot instead of me tapping the screen over and over again. Tapping becomes tedious sometimes and eventually my thumbs start getting tired.

Invaders World Tour 3 is a fun game if you are into retro gaming. If you were a fan of the classic game, you’ll like this one. The game keeps much of its retro flare while still bringing new elements to the table and it’s a game you can basically pick up and play at any time.

Invaders World Tour 3 is available now in the App Store for $0.99. There is also an iPad only HD version for $1.99 that you can get here.


Join the fight to guard the Earth against an impeding celestial encroachment on human life in Invaders World Tour.

Secure the borders of 12 different countries in 60 explosive levels and bonus stages! Unlock mini-games to achieve higher scores to take control of the global leaderboards!

Countries all over the world have witnessed a surge of extra-terrestrial activity accompanied by the appearance of worm-hole-like portals and slews of strange-looking life-forms. It’s up to you to defend the borders of countries like the United States, Canada, Europe, China, and more!

Annihilate the cosmic enemies that are being spewed from the mouth of the monstrous warped portals! The fate of the world, as we know it, is in your hands!

Pick up massive power-ups and ship upgrades as you work your way from continent to continent! Ammo includes numerous different types of death-dealing missiles and guns.

Create your own worm hole or snatch up a Time Ripper, a detonator that rips apart the space-time continuum to take every living creature into another dimension!

Choose from two different sound themes, Modern for the new age gamers, or Retro, for a nostalgic throw-back. Invaders World Tour also features a new, never-before-seen sound-effects generator that allows you to create your own, customized, in-game soundtrack!

[via App Store]

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