TGWK’s Review of “Crazy Cat USA” v1.1 (iOS)

Crazy Cat USA is an “brain” game from developer Giulio Giorgetti. In the game, you play as Crazy Cat and must complete 50 brain bending levels that will test your wits and skill as you solve a series of logic and memory type games in each level – or at least that’s what you are supposed to be doing. Instead, in Crazy Cat USA, you’ll be playing 50 levels of mind numbing gameplay that will test your level of patience and ultimately cause you to throw your iPhone at the wall due to sheer frustration and disbelief at how such a game could exist. If you read the description of the game, you’ll be wondering to yourself, “where’s the game they were describing?”

I’m probably being a bit overly harsh about the game, but in all honestly, there is little to like about it. Aside from the art which is colorful and obviously meant to appeal to children, the rest of the game is not very good. It’s not just one thing that’s not good, but a combination of many things here and there that ultimatly make this one of the worst games I have ever played.

The controls in this game try to make the best use of the iPhone’s many features, but falls flat doing so. Without any clear instructions, you have to guess what you are supposed to do in each level, whether it be swiping the screen to make Crazy Cat jump or tilting your device from left to right to make him move. The swiping and motion controls are suppose to make games on iOS more interactive but in Crazy Cat USA, it just makes the game more frustrating. They are in part very laggy and because of the design of the game, very slow. The collision detection in the game will also have you pulling your hair out as avoiding certain objects are a big part of the game, but since the detection is so bad, most of the time it will register as a detection even if you are no where near the object.

The levels themselves are just not very fun. They could be fun if they were designed better, but they aren’t. After playing the first few levels, you’ll most likely not want to continue playing. Many of the levels make absolutely no sense at all. For example, jumping cars with a luggage cart or having a hot dog vender throw hot dogs at you while also being on the same luggage cart and avoiding balloons with spikes attached to them – both of which make no sense at all.

Aside from the gameplay issues, the game also has some some fundamental user interface issues that can not be overlooked. First off, there is no pause button. Once you start playing, that’s it. You can’t stop unless you lose all your lives or quite the app. There seems to be also no way of getting back to the main menu once you start a game beside completely exiting the app itself and restarting. There is no way to choose levels you have already played which means that if you want to play any of the later levels, you have to play through the entire game again and from what I’ve played so far, that’s something you definitely do not want to do again. Lastly, there are no tutorials whatsoever in the game. The developers seem to think that you should automatically know what to do in each level which I find rather silly especially if they want this to appeal to children as well. Guessing how to play each level is ridiculous considering you’ll end up losing lives and have to start all over again which in itself is another problem.

Crazy Cat USA is possibly one of the worst games my son and I have ever played. I’ve never encountered a game where he immediately didn’t want to play anymore after about a minute of play. The biggest problem with this game isn’t just one thing. It’s a combination of many things. Crazy Cat USA advertises itself as a brain game, but in actuality, it is far from being one. There isn’t really too much educational about it and if there is, all it’s glaring faults keep you from figuring out what that is. The most annoying thing is that even if you took the time to play through each of the levels, there are times when if you died, you would get booted all the way back to the first level with no way of really continuing off from your highest played level. It was enough to make me vow not play this game ever again.

There are just so many things wrong with this game that it’s not worth your purchase. I highly do no recommend wasting your money on this game and I find it highly suspect that the App Store rating for this game is near 5 stars. You’ll find more fun in a fart app.

Crazy Cat USA is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is compatible with all devices on iOS 3.0 and higher.


After the great success of Crazy Cat, “Crazy Cat USA” is now finally available for download!
Crazy Cat USA is a brain game for iPhone and iPod touch, for all ages.

If you’ve already been playing with Crazy Cat, you will surely love and have fun with Crazy Cat USA, since the gameplay has been improved with new checkpoints and a total of 7 lives (like cats, indeed!).

There are more than 50 levels in which you’ll have to help the Crazy Cat to solve the enigma, switching from fast thinking to logic and memory games. Watch out the traps you’re going to face through the levels.

The game will drive you to many different situations in which you will have to make full use of your Apple device, thanks to the accelerometer and the Retina Display.

Crazy Cat USA is available for download in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese.

The game is designed to be played and completed by everybody, in fact many users appreciate the duration of the game because it’s neither long nor short. It’s an ideal iPhone/iPod touch game with an excellent price/quality ratio.

[via App Store]

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