TGWK’s Review of “Fun With Thandros” v1.0 (iOS)

Fun With Thandros is a new educational title from developers Thandros Media. The game is aimed squarely at children with a rating of 4+ however, the game is suitable for children much younger than that as there is a game mode for children 3 and under.

In Fun With Thandros, children will be playing interactive games and stories with Thandros, a fun loving robot who likes to go on adventures. The game features 4 modes of play that they’ve split up based on age groups so it’s a game that your children can grow into if they are very young. No matter what their age is though, Fun With Thandros has something for everyone.

There are four different game modes available. Play! is for children 3 and under. Here players just press on the characters different body parts to make them move and do interesting things. It’s basically just visual stimulus which most kids that age enjoy. Maze Quest is for children 3 and older and requires more skill to play. The mazes are pretty challenging, but they will keep your kids interested as they are part of a story that takes place while they are playing. The last two games, Stories and Twins, are for children of all ages to play. Stories is an interactive story book where players can make choices and decide the outcome of the story. Twins is a simple memory game.

Out of all the 4 modes, my son enjoyed playing the Stories and Maze Quest the most. He’s almost 5 years old so Play! and Twins were a bit too simple for him but he did go through them a couple of time and did find them enjoyable to play. He loves listening to stories so I know that this was probably going to be one of his favorite modes. The voice acting is very clear in Fun With Thanatos and it was a nice touch having the voice actor do different voice for different characters. He also enjoyed the fact that he could make different choices in the story.

With Maze Quest, he found it quite challenging but enjoyed the story aspect of it. The mazes can be a bit difficult but luckily the game shows “breadcrumbs” of paths he’s already tried so with some trial and error he was able to make it to the end on the harder mazes. He is getting better at the mazes though and doesn’t need to use the breadcrumbs as much anymore.

Fun With Thandros really hits the mark when it comes to children’s games. The art looks hand drawn and is fun and colorful. It’s very child-like which I think should help it connect with children better. What I really like about the game is how they split up the different mini games based on age. It means that children can play games that are suitable for their age range, but can also try the harder games if they want more of a challenge. The games themselves aren’t really too difficult though but Fun With Thandros is a great game to start children off on if they are still fairly new to gaming.

Fun With Thandros is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It works on all devices with iOS 3.0 and higher.


It’s time for some Fun with Thandros! Now your child can have his or her very own digital robot to play with! Fun with Thandros is a collection of 4 exciting games for tikes as young as 1 to big kids as old as 9.

Thandros is an adventurous and fun-loving robot who likes to read, play, and go on exciting adventures. Join him as he journeys through the mysterious mazes of the Mou’Bouli Temple, aids the tired and hungry people of Ud, and discovers what the dastardly Professor Stouch is up to.

Thandros is for fun kids of all ages! Unlike other kid’s games, Fun with Thandros features 4 games that are sure to capture your child’s attention and imagination. Each game features classic, hand-drawn graphics, cheerful music, and exciting sound effects.

Four ways to enjoy Fun with Thandros
– Play: Tap on Thandros or Professor Stouch to see what the characters will do. Tap on Thandros’ feet and watch him do a jig! Touch Professor Stouch’s face and see him shoot laser beams from his eye! (For ages 1 to 2).

– Maze Quest: Join Thandros as he journeys through mazes of the grassy plains of Dimple Creek, the Mou’Bouli Temple, and the deserted island of Sus Galinha—all in his quest to foil Professor Stouch’s dastardly plans. (For ages 3 and up).

– Stories: Enjoy an interactive story where Thandros tries to help the people of Ud get food for their king. Your decisions affect the outcome of the story! (All ages).

– Twins: Enhance your memory skills by finding and matching the twins together. (Easy mode for kids under 2 and hard mode for kids over 2).

Having fun with Thandros? How could you not? Follow your favorite robot on Twitter @FunWithThandros to see what he’s up to and to be the first to hear about new updates!

[via App Store]

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