TGWK’s Review of “Captain Puzzle” v1.01 (iOS)

Captain Puzzle is a brand new puzzle game from developers, Spearhead Entertainment. The story for Captain Puzzle is very simplistic. You are Captain Puzzle and its your job to regain all the stolen stars from each level by matching 3 of the same colors together to get rid of them. You do this by shooting colored radioactive balls at similar colored aliens. If you can clear the play area before the counter runs down, all three stars are yours. If not, you’ll only retrieve some of the stars and will have to try again to get all three.

If you’ve played puzzle games like Bust-A-Move before, Captain Puzzle will come as second nature to you. The game play is very similar in that you shoot a ball and must match up three of the same color in order for it to be removed from the play area. You can shoot the balls directly at the targets or bounce them off walls if you need to come at it from a different angle. Like stated above, you have a limited amount of balls you can shoot before you run out so you really will need to think out your moves carefully and make the best possible use of each move.

The graphics in Captain Puzzle are very colorful but are a bit simplistic. They work here however and don’t detract from the puzzler element of the game.  The only suggestion I have for the developers on Captain Puzzle is to upgrade the graphics to support Retina Display. The game looks great on older devices but on the iPhone 4, they are a bit fuzzy.

Captain Puzzle ends up being a very solid puzzler with a lot of levels for the price. There are over 200 levels to play which means that this won’t be a game that you can just speed through in one sitting. Challenge wise, the early levels are pretty easy to beat but it does get gradually more difficult. Most children will find the earlier levels easy to play but the later levels might prove more difficult for them especially if they are also trying to get all three stars. It is a great game however for the entire family regardless of age.  It’s a fun game and one in which you can just pick up and play a few levels when you have time.

Captain Puzzle is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It works on all devices running iOS 3.1.2 and higher.


Work your way through this thrilling match 3 puzzle game and retrieve the stolen stars before it’s too late. The star-powered metropolis has been invaded by villains, and its inhabitants are in dire need of Captain Puzzle’s help. The mischievous thieves plan to use the stars’ powers to take over the world and only Captain Puzzle can stop them now!

Armed with a color coded arsenal of specially designed bombs, blast your way through the multi-colored evildoers. Make sure your aim is spot on, missing your target has potentially dreadful consequences!

Advance through stages themed after cities, nuclear complexes, ice caves, secret labs and 50+ levels uniquely designed to test your ingenuity, mettle, and aim!

Find your friends, unlock tons of achievements, and battle your way to the top of leaderboards with OpenFeint and Game Center.

Share your progress and scores with all your friends through Facebook and Twitter integration.

[via App Store]

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