TGWK’s Review of “Bricky” v1.3 (iOS)

Bricky, from developer FelaSold is a LEGO brick building clone for your iOS device. It’s not exactly like LEGO whereas instead of bricks with circles on top, these are bricks with X’s. Bricky starts off with the familiar green floor tile that you can choose in different sizes and you basically start building from there. Bricky is labeled as a game, but there isn’t really a game element to it. You basically just build brick models using an infinite amount of bricks available to you and that’s it. That’s not a bad thing however because if you are a fan of brick building, you’ll definitely like Bricky.

The bricks used in Bricky are mainly squares and rectangles, no rounded shapes. This gives all your creations a nice “pixel” look to them. In fact, Bicky makes a nice app if you want to create 2D pixel art. There are a variety of different blocks you can choose from as well as an entire rainbow of colors. With such a variety, you can honestly build almost anything your imagination can think of.

Navigating Bricky is simple as well. You use two fingers to zoom in or out, swipe to pan, and hold down the rotate button while moving your finger to rotate. I’m glad the developers made it so easy because when you are trying to build something with so many bricks, the last thing you want to get in the way is the navigation and not being able to place bricks where you want them to go. What is really neat though about Bricky is you can set the app to either have gravity or no gravity. That means that if you have gravity enabled, blocks will come tumbling down if they are not balanced correctly. Very neat feature.

Bricky makes for a really nice brick building app. Obviously you’ll have more room to work with on the iPad as using it on the iPhone can feel a bit cramped. Also because of the screen size, your fingers sometimes block the bricks from view and its very hard to see where to place them. You need to really zoom in to have them accurately placed. The iPad alleviates this problem due to its larger size.

Bricky is a universal app so buying the app once will allow you to install it on both the iPhone and iPad in its native resolution. It’s also optimized for Retina Display so it will look just as good on old and new devices.

Bricky is available now in the App Store for $3.99. It is a universal app so it will work on both the iPhone and iPad as long as you are running iOS 3.1.3 and higher. There is also a free version of Bricky that you can download to try that is ad supported. You can get there here.


Bricky – The brick building game.

More – Let loose your imagination with an unlimited supply of bricks.
Wow – A variety of brick shapes in a rainbow of colors.
Easy Building – Just touch and drag to move around bricks.
Easy Cleanup – Need we say more?
S, M, L, XL – The perfect board size awaits you.
Oops Undo and redo – no more regets.
Woosh – Pan, zoom, scroll and tilt like a Hollywood director.
Check it out – Save screenshots to share with your friends.
Recall – Save and restore your creations.
Heavy Duty Turn on and off gravity.
HD – Fully compatible with the iPad and iPhone 4’s Hi-Res displays.
Kudos – Send us a screenshot of your works of genius.
Help – A “How To” guide that demonstrates how to play.

Includes everything in the Free version, plus:

* No ads.
* Save more creations – 26 save slots instead of just one.
* Bigger creations – more board sizes.
* Many more brick shapes.
* Many more brick colors.

[via App Store]

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