TGWK’s Review of “Cows vs. Aliens” v1.0 (iOS)

Cows vs. Aliens is a new casual game from developer XMG Studio. In the game, you must save all the cows from the alien invaders who are trying to abduct them. You do so by herding them into a barn before any of the aliens can get to them. Cows vs. Aliens is a fast paced game that will keep your thumbs constantly moving and focused on your goal. Don’t let those pesky aliens steal your cows!

Gameplay wise, it’s a frantically fun game. It may seem simple at first, but after a few waves, it becomes really challenging and hectic. The screen fills up quickly with both cows and aliens and it’s up to you to try and separate them. Cows go in the barn and aliens go over the cliff. You don’t get penalized for dropping a few cows over the cliff either, but the game will end if any of the aliens make it into your barn. Also, you have a specific amount of time per wave to get the required amount of cows into the barn or it’s game over as well.

The controls in the game are very easy to master. You hold your device in landscape mode and use either your thumbs or fingers to move 2 circles around the screen. These circles are used to push the cows around. Basically what you are doing the herding the cows into groups so you can get them into the barn. The game mechanics are very simple to learn which is a big plus for a casual game. It allows anyone to just pick up and play with very minimal time learning how to play.

Graphically, there isn’t much to the game. Everything is 2 dimensional but the designs of the cows and the aliens are well made. The background is the same throughout the whole game but for a game like this, it’s not really necessary to have more than one background setting but it would be a nice option to have if we could change it.

Cows vs. Aliens is a very fun casual game that most people should enjoy. It’s very fast paced and really gives your thumbs a work out. Games don’t usually last more than a few rounds unless you are really good, but I can guarantee that after each game you’ll want to play another round in order to beat your previous score. The game has no real physical violence or harming of actual cows in it at all so parents can let their kids play with no fears that they’ll grow up to be cow abductors. The theme itself should be pretty entertaining for them as well and the fast paced nature of the game makes it an exciting experience.

Cows vs. Aliens is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later.


Aliens are invading and you need to save your cows by herding them into the barn as fast as possible!

In Cows vs Aliens, the newest game from XMG Studio, tap and hold on the screen to prod cows into the barn. Protect your herd of cattle and keep the aliens out of the barn! Keep herding cows to increase your time, maximize your score and complete as many waves as possible. Then beat your Game Center friends to show everyone who is best cowboy of them all!

For more, follow us or @XMGStudio.

Retina display-optimized graphics make it look great on any device!

[via App Store]


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